Documentary Video Film Origins of Aids

Since first being broadcast in 2003 the Origins Of Aids has yet to be aired on UK television. Despite winning many awards and being hotly debated the reason is because of the barrage of legal assaults made on potential screeners by Dr Koprowski (and his legal network), who strongly denies causing the Aids epidemic during his 1950s trials of an experimental polio vaccine in Africa. Doc-Film-Net has also been threatened with more legal action for showing this important film than any other! If this copy goes dead post a comment and I will endeavor to locate another host.

Update: High quality version taken down by hosts after more threats.
Update: Here it is again in medium quality.

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full version: 32365

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 04.15.12 @ 17:05pm | #1125

Thank you for posting this informative documentary that very likely explains the spread of AIDS. It may take a few more decades for the truth to be accepted.

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 03.31.12 @ 15:02pm | #1124

Drawing from all available evidence, it appears there is no AIDS epidemic; only an epidemic of lies perpetuated by the media and the medical mafia at large.

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 02.19.12 @ 01:06am | #1115

ignore previous post - it works now ... though i thought this version was the 90 min version not the 40min...

Posted by Guest on Friday, 11.4.11 @ 04:14am | #1097

this film isn't working.... a higher RES version would be good - the medium version is too hard to read subtitles....

Posted by Guest on Friday, 11.4.11 @ 04:11am | #1096

They CUT out their kidneys, which were infected with SIV Simeon Immune Virus. The vaccine that was sent to the US was not contaminated. The African's were the control group to see what the disease did in the human body.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 10.10.11 @ 23:21pm | #1089

This film is a must see. I saw it on the Sundance Channel more than once and have told people about how the African people were infected with AIDS and that they operated on live Chimps, but out their kidneys for the sub-strate to grow the polio vacine that was contaminated with SIDS, and then threw them on a pile, alive and bleeding out while they woke up from the sedatives and screamed as they died. This needs to be shown in its entirity to everybody. This kind of thing is still happening today and this can't remain hiden no matter who threatens litigation. That's BS! Everybody needs to be told what they do to our closest living primate. God's curse on those who hide the truth.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 10.10.11 @ 23:09pm | #1088

The video doesn't prove that CHAT grown locally on chimpanzee kidneys was contaminated, but it does prove (through statements by people involved) that it was prepared that way. (What does "CHAT" stand for, anyway? Koprowski could never get the story straight about how he named his vaccine.)

Objections to Hooper's theory are dealt with in detail on his website:

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 09.15.11 @ 14:48pm | #1083

You can see the full 1 hr 29 minute documentary at 32365

The one shown here is only 43 minutes. Why?

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 08.6.11 @ 03:33am | #1072

This was so Bad, Now African are wiser than the White now. Why cant they test heir family with the sample. Is it only african that can suffer...
I got a remedy for the cure of AID.... Check the Duodelum of a chimpazy, there is a sample there called hollindia in a dark colour work on it then the solution will be a anti dose to AID

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 06.22.11 @ 08:46am | #1060

Please repost the video

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 03.1.11 @ 06:05am | #1033

2005 i ran across this movie on the IFC channel by mistake. immediately i was captivated. i sat there the whole 2 or so hours mezmerized by the by the proof, legal documentation, film footage, scientific evidence and interviews that proved what i have always documentary i have ever seen.

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 01.23.11 @ 10:19am | #1024

It's so amazing how a group of people can hater another then experient on a whole culture. I love how they try to cover it up. If the White Europeans never touch their earth those people will still be in their own existing of culture. Yes, their is proverty but isn't that everywhere. I can't imagine and even to this day hating a race so bad. The reason was to kill off the black population. It's only skin, features, and hair difference people. I think we will all reach a end where we will have destroyed our own existing. Native of Americans or Amercian Indians had a similliar contact when "white Euorpeans" passed on smallpox. Destroying another culture, society, group is wrong.Just because you don't like their culture remember that's the beauity of people. Let's learn from another back then they where like devils! Their misson to destroy anything that was not like them.

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 12.1.10 @ 11:46am | #1008

The doubting thomases on this blog are one and the same with the Killers of only Africans as they thought would happen to; but fortunately, it crossed racial boundaries and boomeranged. We cannot challenge God but anyone who tries it will receice the wrath of God. Africans are resilient people in body and spirit and therefore will overcome these attacks and no doubt their attackers will receive what bad they wished others.</font>

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 08.26.10 @ 03:21am | #970


Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 06.23.10 @ 09:12am | #956

Are you trying to fools us all here? Talking down the hires movie because of intimidation but keep the low quality where we can not even read the subtitle?

Do you really want us to believe this bullshit? GIVE US THE FULL VERSION AND STOP LOW BALLING US ALL!!

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 06.23.10 @ 09:08am | #955
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Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 06.15.10 @ 17:02pm | #944

why don't they test them on there onwm family and friends first

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 06.6.10 @ 14:40pm | #937

THE WHITE MAN................... YET AGAIN

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 06.6.10 @ 13:24pm | #936

very, very interesting...

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 06.6.10 @ 10:52am | #935

This information is on track with the stuff I have been researching. Wake up People. If they do it to us Afrikans and people of Afrikan descent, what makes you autonomous. This is all about feeding the pharmaceutical companies and padding the pockets of scientist who want to use the human population as their laboratories. Genocide and for those who fail to speak up against this injustice, release them into the Matrix because they are no good to humanity anyway. Hotep!

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 04.20.10 @ 20:42pm | #894

Anyone who actually believes this drivel being peddled by Edward Hooper lacks the reasoning capacity to even be classified as a human being.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 04.19.10 @ 11:31am | #892

There are now 3 human retroviruses, since 2006.

HIV that causes AIDS

XMRV (Xenotropic Murine Retrovirus) has been found in humans with CFS/ME and Prostate Cancer.

Search youtube for XMRV.

An estimated 17 million people are infected, who are blamed for being mentally ill by Governments/Psychiatric industry.

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 08:20am | #881

Whether or not there are earlier occurrences of aids is really irrelevant,the fact remains that there was a massive outbreak in this area that correlates to the sites where the virus was administered...and that members of the scientific community have purjured themselves and given evidence that conflicts with eye witness accounts. Lets face it, they were and still are grinding up monkey bits to make vaccines and injecting them into people. HIV comes from SIV which comes from monkeys. Its pretty obvious isnt it. You can nit pick about the details, but usually the most obvious and likely scenario is the correct one.... as for the "911 conspiracy theorists dont spread your paranoia" comment, you soound american, americans are indoctrinated from birth to believe they live in the land of the free, this is of course crap... America is well known to the rest of the world as being one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. Look at enron, look at rumsfield whit his shares in the companies that went into the middle east, there is something very fishy going on, maybe we'll never no exactly what, but wake up and smell the coffee... no matter that it might a little bitter and unpalatable for you american patriotist ego to swallow...

just my two cents ay...

Posted by Guest on Friday, 01.15.10 @ 05:14am | #850

89min ver, english 32365&ei=RQ4QS4fpGYW0qwLgmNChDw&q=origin+of+aids+docume ntary#

42min ver eh & fr

Posted by Guest on Friday, 11.27.09 @ 12:41pm | #803

There are so many fishy things about AIDS, why did Dr. Koprowski go to vaccinate poor african children while the world had just discovered the Polio vaccine?..when did africa become a priority?..esepecially in the turbulent 1960s racial upheavals?
I saw on the Documentary Dr. Koprowski denying he used chimps on his research while photographic evidence shows otherwise?
To those who says someone even hooked up a monkey or slaughtered a monkey/.....if someone did it..then it means it wasnt the first time they did it cant happen that the virus waited for all those years to surface in the 1980's.
Africa may have had the virus in the 70's but those who "made it"had to hide it first...Africans believed the disease was a curse or witchcraft.
Thanks Mr. Hooper for this insight...It holds some water to me.

Posted by Guest on Friday, 11.27.09 @ 02:50am | #802

There are theories that claim HIV/AIDS could be Hundreds of years old. Retroviruses reproduce in a recombinant way
See Documentary "AIDS inc" for name of actual Scientist who first theorised that AIDS was older than we had first believed.
Evidence it may have existed in close to present/similar form from 1930"s also available

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 11.26.09 @ 18:27pm | #800

@Guest on Monday (11/16/09): "Scientists currently overwhelmingly believe that the origins of HIV is well before the late 50s. This is the overwhelming opinion amongst the majority of scientists."
So, since when do scientists "believe"?
Believe is as religion: just an opinion. Once you start listening to 1 safe and secure source of desinformation, you forget about the truth. Which is often just much more likely then a lie.

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 11.24.09 @ 23:07pm | #790

I first saw this on sundance channel 3 yrs ago, & it made a lot of sense. It is hard to dismiss the correlation of the vaccination & subsequent appearance of AIDS in the Congo. It would be nice if all of these scientists could explain how it was possible for the first AIDS cases to appear in the areas where the proposed chimp vaccine was administered. I personally do not think that they can or are willing to. Anyway excellent video & I wish more people would ask questions about the AIDS virus & its origins.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 11.23.09 @ 19:48pm | #789

I believe this...

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 11.21.09 @ 13:46pm | #786

“the evidence seems overwhelming” hmmmmm,
seems it wasn't “thought provoking” enough for you with that conclusion!

Interesting documentary, though I see no facts here, just a hypothesis. In science, the strongest hypothesis (the one with the strongest/existing evidence) is the one that wins. To follow a an idea without evidence is irrelevant and so, for those who after watching this documentary that take this hypothesis as fact must ask yourself why you take it as fact. There is NO evidence.

Chimpanzees seem to have been used due to the number of eye witness accounts however this does not prove anything other than, that Dr Koprowski probably lied about the use of chimpanzees. He is however human, and as such would have a number of possible reasons for not disclosing this fact. The main one I can think of, is his reputation. Whether or not he is honest is irrelevant. His good/bad character does not prove anything or manufacture facts from which there is no evidence, just speculation.

Scientists currently overwhelmingly believe that the origins of HIV is well before the late 50s. This is the overwhelming opinion amongst the majority of scientists. The only thing not known for certain is when exactly it jumped to the human population. By mapping the evolution of the virus however its not at the time of the polio vaccine development. In fact it was at least as far back as the 30s, if not as early as the start of the century when it jumped to humans. To ignore current theories over speculation is folly. (for the people who misunderstand the word theory. Theory in science is required to be backed up by evidence whether direct or indirect. So don't misinterpret the word 'theory' with an 'idea'). ginated-in-19th-century/

Ask your self what you 'choose' to believe and 'why' you choose to believe it. In science you try not to choose what you believe, you follow what ever path that evidence points you to, whether or not its what you want to hear.

For those of you 'conspiracy theorists', especially those bringing up 9/11 on here, get a life. Stop advertising your paranoia everywhere.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 11.16.09 @ 03:41am | #782

great doc really thought provoking .the evidence seems overwhelming, i may sound very naive here and i dont want to upset anyone .but why did the virus affect the gay community in the late 70s through to the 90s.or was this just a myth to pass the buck ,can somebody plz enlighten me .great site keep up the good work .loved the hillsborough docudrama too .posted by corsermac

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 10.29.09 @ 22:14pm | #774

please let it 4 download is very important 4 all persons!
Let me help do distribute it!
For all honest cientists

Posted by Guest on Monday, 09.14.09 @ 02:23am | #745

How can we get a download of the high quality file? Are you able to give a link to download the file?


Posted by Guest on Thursday, 09.3.09 @ 15:17pm | #739

The same corporations that "researched" the origins of AIDS are under the same association that made the AIDS Virus. Of course there will never be any evidence of this documentary being true/false.
We simply have to put two and two together, if u cant believe and its every ones individual right to believe a lie.

Posted by Guest on Friday, 07.24.09 @ 16:04pm | #724

In response to - Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 11.11.08 @ 05:40am | #552
Perhaps you are to willing to accept anything that supports your paranoid world view.

From Wikipedia -

"Data from molecular biology and phylogenetic studies contradicts the OPV AIDS hypothesis; consequently, the majority of the scientific community regards the hypothesis as disproven,[1][2][3][4] with an article in the journal Nature describing the hypothesis as "refuted".[5]"


The OPV AIDS hypothesis has been examined and criticized by members of the scientific and medical communities as being unsupported or directly contradicted by available data, and inconsistent with HIV epidemiology. In October 1992, the journal "Science" ran a story titled "Panel Nixes Congo Vaccine as AIDS source," describing the findings of an independent panel which found each proposed step in the OPV-AIDS hypothesis "problematic".

In 2001, three articles published in "Nature" examined various aspects of the OPV-AIDS hypothesis, as did an article published in "Science". In every case, the studies' findings argued strongly against any link between the polio vaccine and AIDS.

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 06.9.09 @ 23:45pm | #694

Keep up Your excellent work, Mr.Hooper.
Do NOT fear the scumbag suers - as in "sewers" - of Bush/Nixon
scientific trashcans Koprowski included. You will NOT end gassed in
prison but will be thanked forever by millions worldwide who still
follow scientific suicides - Jim Jones /Scientology/ Koprowski fashion
as a religious-myth belief.
After Michael Moore's "Sicko" which You should see why not contact
Moore for a MUCH sharper docu based on Your book/s .And then LET them
sue and PROVE 100% AGAINST what You already almost did FOR.And get a
free worldwide ad hence thanks to these Dr.Mengele.
We salute You from Italy where we have our own hellhound straight from
the Vatican .Ratzinger - ex-nazi now Pope - who suggested the other
day that the best way to fight AIDS is not to use condoms but
castity - this stated to Africans .For those innocent bystanders :-
Ratzinger is the same holy guru who ignored and covered up thousands
of priest rapes and abuse worldwide - now court cases - while chief of
Propaganda Fede office - the same that run Witch-burning and similar
in the good old days under the name of Sant'Ufficio.
History repeats itself .

Posted by Guest on Monday, 06.1.09 @ 10:19am | #688

to the last commenter see

Posted by Guest on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 17:26pm | #683

I have a 16 yr. old child with MS, after studying nights and nights in the internet about the source I found a site that was saying that a certain vaccination serum against Heptite B is under research might causing MS 15 yrs. ago. when will this all stop ?Vaccination is good to our children, but against everything? When will we start to ask questions?

Posted by Guest on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 16:51pm | #682

It all makes sense.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 05.18.09 @ 20:58pm | #679

i knew there was a connection with the Federal Gov't and the Aids Pandemic. We live in a world full of GREEDY people who use and abuse mankind like Cattle. Making BIG profits at our expense. This is why the BIBLE says mankind will destroy itself as time goes by. Money + Power= Respect $$$$$$$$$$. But one thing I know GOD sees all knows and will fix all one day.

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 05.6.09 @ 16:28pm | #671

It's always the children that get abused and shit on... Throughout history.

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 03.10.09 @ 18:16pm | #661

has this played on whyy

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 03.7.09 @ 05:26am | #659

This documentary has changed my view about the US government. I'm shocked & ashamed !

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 02.19.09 @ 09:57am | #650

gosh darn those monkey rooters

Posted by Guest on Friday, 01.9.09 @ 10:18am | #621

Many are not going to like what I am about to say but the truth finally has to be told. Edward Hooper was looking for the truth but like so many before him, when looking for the truth you do not always find it in the place you are looking. With the case of Mr. Hooper the Belgium Congo was the right place to look he just didn't know what he was looking for. Mr. Hooper thought he was looking for a cause of a virus and by looking at the work Dr. Hilary Kaprowski was doing instead of looking directly at Dr. Kaprowski himself. Was Dr. Kaprowski really looking for a cure for POLIO? Would any doctor using an experimental drug inject over a million people just to see if it would work with out having a clue what it would do to the human body. How did Dr. Kaprowski end up in the Belgium Congo in the first place? What did he just pull that out of a hat or was he specifically asked to go to the Congo for another reason. What about the Belgium Congo? What exactly is thier that might attract anyone to go thier. I am about to answer these question in a way that everyone can relate to.
First Dr. Hilary Kaprowski started in Poland as a scientist during the invasion by Hilter. Now what we know is that Hitler either jailed or killed every scientist in Poland when he enter the country. Dr. Kaprowski was spared the fate that the rest of his colleage faced because his field of study which was biology especially virology. Hitler had been looking for a new weapon the kind that would kill humans and leave thier resources intact. He thought he might find it in Dr. Kaprowski. Now Dr. Kaprowski has said that from Poland he went to Italy to study music but you can not believe that because Italy was ruled by another dictator which was Hitlers closes alie during WWII. Dr. Kaprowski was waiting in Italy for Hitlers new laps to be finished in South America which is where Dr. Kaprowski went after Italy. The lab that Hitler established in South America also had a American finacial back known to many as Rockerfeller. Now during this same time the American government was doing its own research into a new weapon the same as Hitler. That one virus that would kill everyone and leave thier resources in tact. This research was being done in a little known place called Tuskegee Alabama. Now the American study like Hitler's turned no product out and Dr. Kaprowski sat down in South America until one day he received a call from the Wistar Institute in Pennsylvania.
Now you have to look at the Wistar Institute and what kind of work they were doing in the mid 1950d's. This was a relatively small institute with few people but they were doing something that intrest the US Militay and that was virology. Now going back to the Belgium Congo during this same time period. Why was the Belgium government so desperate to hold on to the Congo especially when the people thier want them out. It was thier resources like DIAMONDS, GOLD, COOPER, ZINC and of course "OIL". They were willing to do anything to hold on to it. They went to the US Gov and asked them was there anything that the Americans could do for them about this problem. The Belgiums knew about what the US Gov. did to the Blackfeet Indians in thier own country and how successful that was. Now going back to the Wistar Institute during this time they were having finacial problems and were on the firge of bankruptcy when they received a call from the CIA asking what could they do about this problem in the Belgium Congo and that is where Dr. Kaprowski comes in. An individual heard about his work in South America and sent for him. The strange thing about that is that they made Dr. Kaprowski in charge of the entire institute and with a hefty injection of funds from the CIA sent Dr. Kaprowski to the Belgium Congo. The rest is history or is it.
Once Dr. Kaprowski found the virus in champanzees and developed the sirum he sent that same sirum back to the United States to be housed at the Institute for later use.

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 12.18.08 @ 08:05am | #600

To fart2112, as far as i know very few people have managed to buy this on DVD, there was some talk of copies being sold for 100 usd mark but even then I'm unsure of any successes.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 12.8.08 @ 08:20am | #587

I'd like to purchase it please send e-mail @ thanks

Posted by Guest on Monday, 12.8.08 @ 00:12am | #586

my sound card is not working. can I purchase the dvd somewhere please, Thanks

Posted by Guest on Monday, 12.8.08 @ 00:02am | #585

I noticed when I downloaded the video and played it back with Realplayer I got the full 90 minute version. It was on the Sundance channel recently but I could not find a future screening. Great video.

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 12.4.08 @ 02:48am | #582

Oh this is a great documentary. Really important and must see! Why has this not been shown on UK Television? Why pay your television license if the best content is only available online?

Posted by Guest on Monday, 12.1.08 @ 15:16pm | #575

45 minute version is working again (90 minute no longer available on Google video).

Here is a link of a short that someone has made about this:

Also here is an press briefing given by Ed Hooper in 1999.

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 11.15.08 @ 09:31am | #562

Tried to view video but would not play.

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 11.15.08 @ 03:05am | #561

At first, before I watched the documentary, I thought it was going to be some implausible conspiracy theory, but it really made me think, especially because Koprowski never gives a clear explanation about how or what.
My opinion about the autopsion of the monkeys is that it's sick, even if it's for a scientific purpose.
I will definitely look up some more things about this theory before I make my final conclusion. Will we ever know?

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 11.11.08 @ 19:42pm | #556

To respond to RONSFI's earlier post, those studies which used computer models to estimate the introduction of HIV into the human population are not worth the paper they are printed on. Look it up, SIV and HIV are retroviruses which means that they do not evolve via simple mutations. Rather, most of the genetic variation and change comes from re-combination. Please read s/AIDS/Hooper04/Hooper04refute.html and educate yourself.

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 11.11.08 @ 05:40am | #552

To the person asking why the U.S invests money in AIDS and HIV research, please educate yourself before making disgusting and ignorant comments that many people can read. AIDS and HIV are worldwide diseases, not just African ones.

Posted by Guest on Friday, 11.7.08 @ 16:20pm | #551

ummm to the perdon who said we should let all the peole with AIDS die... whats wrong with you? I mean dude thats like saying we should let the people with cancer die. or hell lets go with the movie and say those with polio or any life threatening desease. you can only get AIDS FROM BEING IN CONTACT WITH THE INFECTED PERSONS BLOOD. Why are you being so cruel?

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 11.6.08 @ 16:11pm | #550

A 1998 analysis of the plasma sample from 1959 suggested that HIV-1 was introduced into humans around the 1940s or the early 1950s.13

In January 2000, the results of a new study14 suggested that the first case of HIV-1 infection occurred around 1931 in West Africa. This estimate (which had a 15 year margin of error) was based on a complex computer model of HIV's evolution.

However, a study in 2008 dated the origin of HIV to between 1884 and 1924, much earlier than previous estimates. The researchers compared the viral sequence from 1959 (the oldest known HIV-1 specimen) to the newly discovered sequence from 1960. They found a significant genetic difference between them, demonstrating diversification of HIV-1 occurred long before the AIDS pandemic was recognised.

Posted by ronsfi on Sunday, 11.2.08 @ 22:14pm | #549

There ARE millions of people out there who are infected and have never had sex or a transfusion,they are the children being born everyday with this disease.
this documentary comes as a shock but not, unfortunatly a surprise...

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 10.30.08 @ 18:33pm | #548

If any of this was true there would be millions of people infected who havent had sex or a tranfusion. There would be people walking around who havent got a clue how they contracted it... does anyone know of any cases like this???

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 10.26.08 @ 16:29pm | #545

I have faith that many truths will reveal themselves in time. The worst kind of lie is one that is half true. This makes it all the more difficult to dissern truth from deception. Nietche writes "the wasteland grows, woe to him who holds wastelands within." We must rid our mind of the propoganda, tv, and garbage. It is then that the wasteland will cease to grow.

Posted by dorotagraban on Thursday, 10.23.08 @ 07:47am | #542

Those of you who are saying that Africa is filled with idiots you are gravely mistaken.

The African population dont even realise how AIDS is contracted or how to prevent it.

They dont have the luxury of watching people die of AIDS on CNN. They watch their communities die and have no idea why.

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 09.25.08 @ 20:56pm | #527

I'm not sure any company is even interested in finding a vaccine as people with AIDS pay a lot of money around the world for meds to control there symptoms. I'm sure medical company's would prefer to sell you tablets that you need to take everyday for the rest of your life instead of a once off vaccine. Ending a good product that has a long life span doesn?t make medical company's profit and after all that?s all they want.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 09.22.08 @ 17:55pm | #524

I totally agree with you!!!! There is something seriously wrong you!!! You are the idiot dude. Why are you evening watching documentaries that are based on African citizen's in regards to AIDS if according to you they are idiots???? Yes everyone does die, but there is quite a difference in natural death or say death by accident, then the act of intentionally causing genocide upon an entire society, culture, community and ethnicity of people!!! Quit wasting our time and yours and go back to the main stream, stereotypical world that you are clearly a product off. "Its a mister like you that put the rest of us to shame."

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 09.20.08 @ 02:25am | #520

To #516
Something is seriously wrong with you.

Posted by Guest on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 05:06am | #519

How 'bout instead of the US wasting money it doesn't have to research and "save" the idiots in Africa, they stand back and let the people with AIDS die? Everybody dies, no more AIDS.
Giving these people medicine to prolong their life just means they have more time to spread it to more people.

Posted by Guest on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 03:40am | #518

i love this goverment exposings stuff,they are evil people that run this world,i do believe aids was created to mainly kill the african population,it all connects.Just type illuminati,free mason,david rockerfeller and check the truth about 9/11.The goverment are killing yet more people for profit,we are nothing more than cusumer cattle to them

Posted by Guest on Monday, 09.15.08 @ 10:04am | #516

Thanks for posting this documentary. I saw part of it several years ago on Sundance, I believe, and have wanted to see it again. It is so hard to believe the cruelty to humankind in the name of science or was it on purpose to destroy the African continent-perhaps too rich in resources?

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 09.10.08 @ 21:05pm | #510

The doc is back again.. The pressure is continuously on to have this doc removed from the internet.. Please spread the word and get others to see this film while it is still possible.

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 08.5.08 @ 07:44am | #476

the posting is down. please find the content. also, what has become of the producers/directors of this documentary? are they safe?

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 08.5.08 @ 03:56am | #475

I suspected from the begining, since 1980s, that possibility; that AIDs was a product of an experiment in a laboratory. Many people are igoring and submmited to the believe that it was an sexual-intercorse with chimps and human been, but now we can unmaskareate that mitto and research the tru for finding a solution, finding a antidote to stop this desease wich is killing millions of brothers and sister, children and adults around the world, beyond the expectation of the first plan of those scintific who were working in the customized of this virus.

Posted by Tito Cevallos on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 17:00pm | #473

Everyday I get older, with every new piece of information I find, I realized that America is ran by greedy corporations that care only about profit. With the war in Iraq and Dick Chaney's involvement with it, America's retarted Health Care System, and now this, I'm more and more ashamed to be a human by the day.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 07.28.08 @ 04:49am | #466

for any more cont:

Posted by Guest on Friday, 07.18.08 @ 10:26am | #460

we all know they had sex with monkeys

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 07.16.08 @ 14:54pm | #457

How can people sleep at night knowing they created a virus that has killed and will continue to kill millions of people? It also makes me sad to see those monkeys being used in the experiment. ugh. This is only one out of millions of things we don't know of in this world, but I still have hope and I hope other people will not be disillusioned by things like these but rather try to make a difference and learn from mistakes others have made. Hence why we should know the truth so we're not ignorant and make the same mistakes others have made in that past, but of course the truth is far from what we will be getting, guess we're just going to have to keep waiting for courageous people to unravel the truth for us. And to you I say Thank You!

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 07.3.08 @ 06:43am | #452

in response to #438's post:

while i found some of your thoughts interesting, you're dead wrong on two counts that i simply must correct lest someone else read it and believe it. first of all, mosquitoes CANNOT give you HIV. it's a human-to-human virus. second of all, condoms DO protect against HIV. not 100% (nothing is 100%), but they are really the ONLY way to reduce the risk of contracting HIV sexually. so please, get your facts straight before you perpetuate misleading information.

that said, i found this documentary extremely intriguing. i've worked in HIV/AIDS education for years and have never found a satisfying answer as to the origins of it. i am an extremely critical thinker, so i will need to mull this over for awhile (and possibly read the book "the river" as well), but this seems more plausible an explanation than most i've read. and also a sad one. it breaks my heart to think that this could have and should have been prevented from ever coming into existence. *sigh*

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 07.2.08 @ 18:48pm | #451


Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 07.1.08 @ 03:56am | #450

Interesting! I would love to hear the other sides defense to these accusations.

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 06.28.08 @ 18:53pm | #446

i guess the rev wright was right about the aids virus.....i hate being white man in america .....we have a history of putting other people down for our evil doings...i'm not like that hate for what my ancestors did to other people... there is not a enough money in the world to pay back we did to the other nonwhite races...i probably did't commit those hideous crimes but i reap the benefit of them... but we as a people of races can make a better future

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 06.21.08 @ 06:14am | #441

The strecker menorandum, story begins in 1983 with Dr. Robert B. Strecker, MD,Phd. Strecker practices internal medicine and gastroenterology in Los Angeles.He is a trained pathologist and holds a nPhD. in Pharmacologe. Dr. Strecker and his brother, Ted, an attorney, were preparing a proposal for a health maintenance orgaization (HMO) for the Security Pacific Bank of California.
They needed to know the long-term financial effects of insuring and treating AIDS patients. This information was not readily available in 1983. Both brothers began researching.5 years of documention called "The Bio-Attack Alert." They found scientists writing in the BULLETIN of the World Health Organization were actually requesting that AIDS-like viruses be created to study the effects on humans.Streckers unearthed thousands of documents all supporting the man-made origin of AIDS. Meanwhile, the government was telling everyone that a green monkey in Africa bit some native and started AIDS. As their research continued, it became obvious from the documentation that the virus itself was not only created as requested, but actually DEPLOYED,and now threatens the existence of mankind because it does what it was designed to do.To give you cancer. The truth of the matter AIDS IS A MAN MADE DISEASE, it is not a homosexual disease,not a venereal disease, AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes, condoms will not prevent AIDS. There are at least six different AIDS viruses loose in the world.Of all the body fluids that the AIDS virus is found in, seman contins the least. This is substantiated in the medical literature.The fact that we are not being told the truth by the government or the so-called AIDS experts.

The media, for reasons of their own, will not present information contradictiing the official propaganda,who are the same people who gave us brain cancer (SV-40 virus)as a result of their contaminated polio vaccines in the early 1960's; a polio-like disease from their contaminated Swine Flu vaccines in the 1970's and AIDS from their smallpox and hepatitis B. All of this information is documented in the records of ours US Congress."The Bio-Attack Alert" tape was sent to every Govenor of every state, the President, the vice-president, the FBI,the CIA,the NSA and selected members of Cogress.
An ominous personal aspect of this story is the sudden and unexpected deaths of the two key players. Ted Strecker was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri.
Next Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago. Huff did everything in his power to make the people of Chicago aware of Dr. Strecker's work, he was also found dead in his home.Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid--or mighty forces will come and kill you.

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 06.19.08 @ 02:34am | #438

Here's the 90 minute version

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 06.7.08 @ 15:22pm | #429

All I can say is my God! The evil and deciet man will never cease to amaze and sicken me.

Posted by Guest on Friday, 05.23.08 @ 15:21pm | #417

This really needs to be Oprah or ANY form of mass media...the UK is extremely more liberal in terms of what they are willing to investagate and how they publicize their findings....Damn *sigh*

Posted by Guest on Friday, 05.23.08 @ 10:27am | #416

Where can we get the 90 minutes version? the google video is down. Help anyone?

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 05.21.08 @ 23:06pm | #415

Europeans are guily of so many crimes against humanity they accept the fame but in turn hide from blame ! when are we going to stop the hate of our brother regardless the skin your in. let us try to build a world of We and not just me me me. thought of the day :if the world was invaded by aliens do you think skin color would mater then ? peace and love brothers and sisters. Bilal x

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 05.15.08 @ 11:48am | #410


Posted by Guest on Friday, 05.9.08 @ 16:17pm | #404

for the love of money, test a vaccine on millions of poor people, become rich in other countries, a hero, very tempting, virus backfires a disease thats in chimps is passed on to humans, the rest is history, the problem to huge to shameful noone held acountable, GOD knows and will be the judge GODS knows what happened, millions of people , millions of african people who in those days white people i know didnt care about them enogh to go and vaccinate, they were experimenting and it back fired!!!

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 04.23.08 @ 04:29am | #398

watching this actually makes me want to go and research on SIV and the similarities between HIV/AIDs. Its just sad how they would rather discredit these claims rather than prove them wrong by recreating the experiment to prove it was not possible even with modern day technology..(all taken place in a monitored environment of course)...

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 04.8.08 @ 13:14pm | #391

i always thought man creating aids was another conspiracy theorie.but the arrogance of the interviewed scientist definetly gives the impression that "the hard evidence" has been carefully selected.fuuny the corralation and vaccination and discory of h.i.v.seems like the scientists are trying to hide behind thier hard earned qualifications rather than admit to making a catashrophe and what about <excuse the spelling > kiprowski saying that he didnt use to the types of monkey that he clearly had pictures of in his facility.
im no rocket scientist but hey my eyes tell me that aids is a man made plague unleashed upon africa to create economic and a health crisis for many many years to come
thanks for ruining my day guys .makes me wonder if there is compassion for one another in this world or should we just destroy human kind now to save the heart ache and pain.

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 03.20.08 @ 16:00pm | #385

What are your thoughts on the use of animals as experiment specimens and do you think that it was justified?

(please send in your thoughts)

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 03.13.08 @ 10:44am | #382

What are your thoughts on the use of animals as experiment specimens and do you think that it was justified?

(please send in your thoughts)

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 03.12.08 @ 02:57am | #381

It is possible that the AIDS was originated in Africa from the polio-vaccinacy campaign, because we can see that many sources have supported and claimed and some scientists may have agreed with it. It is rude to do something but do not want to take responsibility. At least, whether finally Dr.Koprowski has been either arrested or evidently wrong, I now realize that even science has been used to reach popularity instead of managing and developing world. Looking for its problems lengthened to the court of debates, I can see that nothing can be totally believed. Wherever, whenever, from whatever, or caused by whoever AIDS was, it has spread and spread, so what we have to do now is to prevent any other spread and find the way to cure it instead of debating who is wrong and who is right.

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 04:05am | #380

I totally agree with you. Also i think thes companies are obleged by international law to provide health care for that region as it started bec of there testing!!!!

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 02.28.08 @ 09:34am | #368

sad & scandalous
this gives once more proof of the arrogance and the unscrupulous behaviour of the so-called developed world

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 02.21.08 @ 20:33pm | #363

Well, I must say that my critical studies in sexuality class textbook needs to re-consider a few sentences explaining the beginning of HIV/AIDS was when a man "hooked up" with a monkey. There goes my 90 bucks and trust in mankind...

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 02.6.08 @ 01:16am | #356

no comment

Posted by Guest on Monday, 11.26.07 @ 17:46pm | #331

If you ave questions about this issue you should look for a book called "Dr.Mary's Monkey" by Edward Haslam. It details the Pollio Vaccine program and the political undercurrents at the time and it gives several other sources for verification. The author's father was involved with other's who were involved and he has gone to extensive lenghts to detail the issues surrounding it. I highly recommend you read this book before you dismiss this issue. There have been several other Dr.s that have exposed this as truth.

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 11.22.07 @ 10:25am | #328

For many years I have looked into this question. How did this epidemic start? And why did it occur only recently? It's not hard to find published articles of experts asking the same thing. They come up with some good possibilities and critical perspective on the matter. None of which bodes well for those who promote the natural origin theory. Strange how only a one sided view came out in the public media. The aforementioned experts, using good common sense, wrote that something happened in the mid-20th century that didn't happen before. For centuries, many people were brought to this country (U.S.) from the same areas of Africa that are now known as the geographic origin of the epidemic in humans. No epidemic in the US before mid-20th century. The pygmies who hunt and eat chimps for what must be hundreds if not thousands of years. No epidemic among them. Other scientists studied data gathered of STD rates in Africa during the times in question revealing that the virus far outpaced STDs rates in the population, even though STDs are far more transmissible. What else could have helped AIDS spread so well? For myself I ask, how do you NOT notice an AIDS epidemic raging in Africa by what must have been tens of millions by the time it was noticed in U.S. gays? The way I see it the natural origin theory doesn't compare well against the inconvenient facts that are there if you look. The critical step of adaptation to human tissue of some ancestral virus seems to be key. Simply contacting human tissue evidently wasn't enough because that was happening for a very long time before the epidemic started. I do not accept the notion that people were much more reserved sexually in the past than now thereby stopping supposed past HIV epidemics from starting. After all, if you look I think you'll find even Victorian England wasn't that 'Victorian' if you get my drift, especially on the high seas! Less so for anyone else, for eons.

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 11.15.07 @ 03:45am | #324

karma will find those responsible

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 11.14.07 @ 18:52pm | #322

You're right, I haven't done my homework because I don't want to waste anymore time on this stupid idea. There is no hard evidence, just coincidence. I have some videos about the JFK conspiracy, Roswell, 9/11 being planned by Americans, and Hitler and Elvis still being alive you should see. Do you not find it sad that he devoted 20 years for what? You know Ebola first appeared in the same area of Africa and is a new disease so I assume he is responsible for that, too.

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 11.13.07 @ 06:02am | #321

#318 #314 AKA THE LAWYER
Clearly you haven't done your homework,
Also this is a 45 minute doc which is the shortened version (original is 90 minutes). This follows a 20 year investigation by Ed Hooper, who also wrote 'The River', you might like to familiarize yourself with the evidence before you prepare your defense.
To set the record straight, this is not an exercise in finding someone to blame, rather to find the truth. That Koprowski is implicated as the cause, is rather secondary to the facts. You see 'we go by evidence' and the evidence overwhelmingly puts Koprowski at the center of this epidemic.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 11.12.07 @ 08:52am | #320

So you are ready to convict this guy based on a 20-minute video of very specious arguments and circumstantial evidence? The stuff about how the monkeys were treated and how the people were forced (by the govt, not by the scientist) to be vaccinated was just to destroy his character and give credence to the preposterous idea. Isn't it strange that supposedly 1 million people were vaccinated, yet they only found once case of AIDS during that time period? And yes, I am a lawyer. I hope you never sit on a jury.

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 11.11.07 @ 17:37pm | #318

What a well thought-out argument you made! You should be a lawyer and go and save the reputation of the guilty scientist who most likely caused the worst epidemic in mankind's history?

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 11.11.07 @ 08:52am | #316

This was so stupid! Even if it could be proven that chimps were used and proven that those chimps had SIDS, that still doesn't prove that that is how AIDS started! Each faulty presumption is riddled with holes. Can they even prove that the "virus X" was SIDS? Granted, the testing was horrible and the torture of monkeys was horrible, but that doesn't prove anything! Think of all the time and effort all of those scientists put into this investigation. Why don't they instead use all their time and resources helping to find a cure for AIDS instead of trying to blame some guy who spent his life trying to save children? What saddens me the most is that I won't get back the last 30 minutes of my life from that waste of a film.

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 11.11.07 @ 02:45am | #314

Thank you so much for posting this: it is credible and provoking. In light of the technilogical advances we have it is inconceivable that we do not have any idea where HIV comes from.

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 11:06am | #305

You can watch this in English on YouTube / Google Video: 6790&q=origins+of+aids&total=375&start=0&num=10&so=0&ty pe=search&plindex=2

Posted by Guest on Tuesday, 10.16.07 @ 16:06pm | #300

this is just a glimp of what the Lobby is capable of, if the masse knew the whole truth, the number of suicides would double in the whole world cause everyone would have the feeling of living in a lie (wich is true)

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 10.6.07 @ 19:30pm | #293

this is crazy but true

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 01:30am | #289

An absolutely horrible situation.

Situation born out of cannibalism. From humans killing eating another very closely related primate. Or using that very closely related primate as a substrate, which is not quite as quick as eating, but still very much cannibalism.

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 09.30.07 @ 23:34pm | #287

I would be very interested to know how you get on buying the dvd. At the bottom of this page is a link to Hoopers site, there are details about the DVD. At one point it was impossible to buy (almost) after a lot of fuss some of the hoops were removed. I would be interested to know how it goes for you.

Yes It would be the 90 minute version on DVD.


Posted by Guest on Saturday, 09.29.07 @ 06:57am | #286

I first saw it on the Sundance channel. At least that was the 90min version. And thank you for answering my question about the two different english versions!! It's strange that people are going to such lengths to get rid of this movie... To me it's almost like a silent confession of guilt. If i buy the DVD will that have the 90min version?

Posted by Guest on Friday, 09.28.07 @ 20:40pm | #285

This should be shown in every nation and broadcasting system in the world man.

somehow even either the slightest background in hiv/aids knowledge helps fill in the gaps and ENLIGHTENS.

the full version is a must see

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 20:22pm | #284

To get the full length version is a little tough, as is getting to see this version. There is a battle being waged in the background by the legal teams working on behalf of Koprowski, which is also I suspect supported by many in the scientific community to bury this documentary. We have been attacked for hosting this doc, as has many others since. Sometimes people who have copies post it on other sites, where it lasts for a few weeks at most. If you send your email to us at the contact us link above, we will let you know if we see it about...

Posted by Guest on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 07:32am | #281

This movie needs to be seen by many more people. I've heard many imagined causes and theories from religious and political "experts" and this documentary completely shuts down their phoney rants. How do we get the full length version?

Posted by Guest on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 01:38am | #280

yes there is a long 90 minute version that is more detailed, (the 90 minute version is linked (in french) from this site. This is the 45 minute version edited and shown in Canada. Since then the film producers have sold rights, and now it is Path? who 'own' rights. Path? does not distribute its own product on DVD. Rather, other distributors release Path?'s product (such as 20th Century Fox in the UK). In June of 1999 Path? merged with Vivendi, who then sold out it seems to NBC.

Im not sure what this means, but one thing is clear, those interests that produced the documentary have no say in its distribution which is now controlled by much larger players with very different motives and allegiances.

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 08:34am | #276

are there two different english versions?? i like one of the narrators more than this one. Does anyone know why they are different?

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 06:14am | #275

Its working fine now, make sure you have the flash player installed

Posted by Guest on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 17:42pm | #273

it won't play and i really wanted to watch it

Posted by Guest on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 12:52pm | #272

its up again!

Posted by Guest on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 08:30am | #271

It won't play.

Posted by Guest on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 04:41am | #270

very interesting

Posted by Guest on Saturday, 09.15.07 @ 07:02am | #267

this really doesn't surprise me...
Unfortunately millions will continue to
die while the scientific community denies
its biggest tragedy..and then again we
we have realize that by denying the
origins of HIV/AIDS, they are ultimately
denying a the hell are we
supposed to find a cure if scientist
cannot be truthful of it's origins???
And once again 'we' AFRICANS are at the
receiving end..

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 08.5.07 @ 02:53am | #259

i knew there was always something weird about HIV/AIDS

Posted by Guest on Monday, 07.30.07 @ 07:07am | #256

wow just wow its sad things had to happen like that..

Posted by Guest on Monday, 07.23.07 @ 17:06pm | #255


it is clear that your in depth analysis gets right to the core of the claims made and further with the airy wave of an intravenus needle you manage to completely undermine the 'total nonsense' so articulately.

But in future you should also let people know of your credentials, and in this case I am happy to help provide some light on these. Your IP address which is registered to

If anyone knew how well trained you are with your 'Doctoral Certificate Programs' they surely would take your words as 'gospel'.

Why who needs to think when we have people like you who so willing to guide us?

site admin :)

Posted by Guest on Monday, 07.23.07 @ 12:17pm | #254

This is complete and utter bullshit from the begining - maybe Reagan ignored it - but no one since then has. Thats a total lie!

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 07.22.07 @ 21:49pm | #253

i admire the courage you hosts have to re post this documentary. if it weren't for you and your audacity the curious youth of today will never know what happened. i intend to spread the word high and mighty. thankyou knowledge is contagious

Posted by Guest on Sunday, 07.22.07 @ 19:18pm | #252

to Guest on Friday, 07.20.07 @ 08:43am | #250 i am 100% with you apart for your point regarding that "WE" created all our world technologies because ive seen indisputable evidence that we were "given" the technology in one form or another from humanoid beings along long long LONG time ago

Posted by Guest on Friday, 07.20.07 @ 21:08pm | #251

we created the nuclear power and any kind of technology object you can imagine, landed on the moon. why is so hard to believe that we created te AIDS too?????

Posted by Guest on Friday, 07.20.07 @ 08:43am | #250 r-originsOfAids156.flv

Posted by Guest on Thursday, 07.19.07 @ 07:41am | #249

can this documentary be downloaded? If the concern is that legal teams are forcing it off individual websites, allow viewers to download it thereby making it more readily available and effectively taking the wind out of many legal actions.

Posted by Guest on Wednesday, 07.18.07 @ 22:19pm | #248

Same reason doctors automatically prescribe drugs for any symptom you'll give them, same reason nobody ever hears of the disgustingly harmful side-effects that go with every drug, same reason cigarette companies are often owned by drug companies. It's all about who has the most money, and of course the people who are 'curing' everybody are so in demand that nobody would question their methods or complain about their prices.

Posted by Guest on Monday, 07.16.07 @ 19:43pm | #247

great documentary that begs the question, why are Africans having to pay for drugs at all considering it was pharmaceutical companies that were responsible?

Posted by Guest on Monday, 07.16.07 @ 10:37am | #245

I saw this doc on IFC by sheer chance two years ago and was unable to look away while it was playing! I have been waiting for its release ever since. It is now available at for a mere $195.00. After I saw the film, I bought Hooper's book "The River" and couldn't put it down. This is a chilling slant on the AIDS crisis that needs to be fully investigated by a medical community that seems totally committed to supressing it.

Posted by pcorn on Thursday, 06.7.07 @ 21:43pm | #225

On the official Edward Hooper site you can read more about the behind the scenes action here:

and it makes 'very interesting reading'.

Posted by agentbleu on Wednesday, 11.29.06 @ 13:41pm | #149

I REALLY want to see this doc!! Anyone interested in reading a totally appalling account by Captain Joyce Riley (RN)who served during Gulf War and her discoveries of biological warfare on US military members...provides more clues as to who(that includes WHO)is responsible for this and other vaccination abominations and what their agenda is.
also Dr. Lorraine Day sheds light on the true origins of the "spanish flu", aka Black Death of 1918, which has been cited as fear fuel for the Bird Flu hoax, currently.

Posted by skyfarmer on Thursday, 11.16.06 @ 20:48pm | #143

What if the good doctors injected the chimps with not just a paralyzing agent before the kidney harvest?

Posted by waracle on Wednesday, 08.2.06 @ 19:33pm | #70

How do we get Ed Hooper to cover the poisoning of a generation of children in the US with Thimerosal??
Thank you for making this film.

Posted by on Saturday, 07.1.06 @ 19:32pm | #46

About the dvd see here:

Posted by colourbleu on Saturday, 07.1.06 @ 14:06pm | #44

excellent documentary.

Posted by vinilopes21 on Wednesday, 06.21.06 @ 12:31pm | #42

This paper by Ed Hooper is one of the most interesting background stories surrounding a health conspiracy that I have ever read. A most interesting and informative read.

Posted by RedDevil on Wednesday, 04.12.06 @ 07:49am | #28

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